ATP Resonance BioTherapy®

Experience a gentle, non-invasive method to alleviate pain by utilizing extremely low-level currents.

Why Use ATP Resonance BioTherapy®?

ATP Resonance BioTherapy® is a cutting-edge treatment method that utilizes low-level electrical currents targeted at specific body areas to create subtle vibrations that resonate with particular tissues.

These frequencies can significantly and almost immediately influence our bodies, altering our internal chemistry. Specific frequencies have been clinically demonstrated to diminish inflammation, while others enhance circulation. It's akin to designing a software program for our body's healing process. We employ hundreds of frequencies to combat inflammation and pain.

To assess your eligibility for ATP Resonance BioTherapy®, a preliminary consultation with Jonathan McDonell is necessary. We can proceed with your first treatment on the same day if deemed suitable.

What To Expect From ATP Resonance BioTherapy®

Quick & Painless
Acupuncture treatment
Quick & Painless

ATP BioResonance treatments are a fast and pain-free experience. Typically, you are in and out in just 30 minutes.

Accurate Evaluation
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Accurate Evaluation

Once you are evaluated, we will analyze your presentation and give you an estimate of the number of treatments likely needed based on clinically evidence-based data.

A Course of Treatment
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A Course of Treatment

The number of treatments needed depends on your particular case, the duration of your condition, and other factors. At your initial consultation, we will determine the necessary steps and provide you with a comprehensive plan for a pain-free life.

The Procedure
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The Procedure

ATP Resonance Biotherapy treatments typically involve 2-5 weekly sessions until desired results are achieved. Afterward, a maintenance schedule of 1-2 monthly visits is recommended to prevent relapse.

Elimination of Symptoms
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Elimination of Symptoms

ATP can lead to the total eradication of symptoms, including chronic pain conditions that have persisted for years.

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”
Albert Einstein

Conditions We Treat With ATP Resonance BioTherapy®

Kidney Stones
Disc Injuries
Diabetic Neuropathy
Neuromas -(Scarring & Overgrowth of a Nerve Following Injury)
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Nerve Pain
Crohn's Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Gastritis & GERD
Spastic Colon
...And Much More
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