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Welcome to BAM Acupuncture

My name is Jonathan McDonell; I am a Licensed practitioner of Eastern Medicine and acupuncture specializing in integrative medicine.

Our clinic excels at treating conditions that do not respond to conventional Western treatments. I have helped thousands of Western New Yorkers through a life-altering path by unlocking the key to treating many complicated, difficult medical conditions.

You have been through enough. Your body belongs to you, not your chronic illness. It’s time for a different approach. Let us show you how the Ancient art of acupuncture with a modern system can get the results you are hoping for. By seamlessly blending modern advancements in integrative medicine with acupuncture, BAM can help some of the most challenging conditions.

It’s time to get your life back.

Meet Jonathan

Living in endless pain or suffering from a chronic illness feels like a never-ending roller coaster.

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Let’s face it. Traditional medicine works great–until it doesn’t anymore.

We all know someone who went to an expert ready for a fix, only to walk away with more questions than answers. Suppose you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness or suffer from pain that seems hopeless. In that case, you know first-hand the frustration of being booked solid with doctor’s appointments that rarely result in a solution.

In these moments, every new pill or prescription offers a twist and turn on a ride that never seems to end. While I’m not discounting the roles of a physician, it may be time for a different approach.

I invite you to get off the roller coaster for good.
You don’t need to white-knuckle your way to better health anymore.

Solutions for these conditions and many more


• Peripheral Neuropathy
• Diabetic Neuropathy
• Chemotherapy Neuropathy
• Idiopathic Neuropathy
• And More
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Autoimmune & Neurological Conditions

• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Chronic Fatigue
• Neuralgia
• Shingles & Post Shingles Pain

Long-Haul Covid

• Persistent Viral Infections
• Brain Fog
• Chronic Fatigue
• Joint Pain
• Chronic Inflammation
• Heaviness & Weakness

Chronic Pain

• Back Pain & Sciatica
• Chronic Head Pain
• Arthritic Pain
• Foot Pain & Plantar Fasciitis
• Post Surgical Pain
• And more...


BAM Acupuncture with Jonathan Mcdonell, L.Ac., MSOAM, skillfully merges acupuncture's ancient wisdom with more contemporary medical advancements to deliver sustainable and quantifiable results.


Acupuncture is highly effective in tackling a range of pain-related concerns.

When administered by an accomplished clinician like BAM Founder Jonathan McDonell L.Ac., MSAOM it provides a multitude of other benefits.

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Dry Needling

A technique for treating trigger points and muscle pain. Dry needling is called acupuncture, trigger point dry needling, and intramuscular therapy.

Our clinician had decades of experience with dry needling techniques.

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Utilizing electro-acupuncture activates the nervous system, encouraging the release of natural pain-relieving substances.

Additionally, it enhances blood circulation and invigorates the immune system, which fosters healing while reducing inflammation.

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ATP Resonance Biotherapy®

ATP Resonance Biotherapy® represents a groundbreaking technique for pain relief utilizing low-level electrical currents at precise frequencies.

By focusing on particular body regions, these currents aid in alleviating pain and promoting the body's innate healing ability.

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O3 ReBoot Therapy®

O3 ReBoot Therapy® combines naturally occurring atmospheric gasses with oxygen to provide a potent healing treatment.

For over a century, O3 has been utilized by professionals, demonstrating its advantages in addressing autoimmune disorders and a wide range of other health concerns.

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Herbal Medicine

Eastern Herbal formulas are akin to recipes. Combinations of herbs are used together. The focus is on treating the whole individual, encompassing their symptoms.

Herbal therapy can benefit all, particularly those with challenges, in identifying issues or conditions.

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Jonathan and his team are fantastic!

Jonathan and his team are fantastic. I am finally getting relief from the pain and discomfort I’ve been living with for 20 years. Jonathan is a kind, gentle person who took the time to understand my situation thoroughly and develop a treatment plan that steadily improves my quality of life.
The staff is welcoming, friendly, and competent; I’m not just a name on a clipboard to them.

The office is immaculate and comfortable, and I have felt safe walking in. I can’t recommend BAMA highly enough if you’re in pain - at least book a consultation. I’m so grateful that I did and am getting relief when I was starting to give up.

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